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Don’t deny my existence.
Once you wanted it.
You held me so tight,
So tight…
Now you threw my aside
Like the trash I always felt.
The thorns from the roses
Pierced my lungs. I can’t breathe….
The petals fell like my tears. Endlessly
I cried, endlessly I begged, endlessly I wanted
Something I could never have.
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 3 0
The Little Things
To some people it's all about the little things,
little things that matter too much.
These little things are a part of daily life.
It makes it perfect.
Before I send an e-mail I check it at least 10 times and change it 15...
it has to be perfect.
I can't make a phone call without trembling hands and voice...
it has to be perfect.
I'm never satisfied with anything I do, I could've done better...
it has to be perfect.
When I catch the train I always sit at the wagon, at the same spot, otherwise I'll stand the whole time...
it has to be perfect.
I avoid conversations so I won't say anything wrong...
it has to be perfect.
I won't go anywhere if I feel like I'll have a panic attack there, ruining everyone's good time...
it has to be perfect.
I won't try anything new, anything different. Because I'll fail...
and it won't be perfect.
When I started dating the person that owns my heart, he said this was funny and cute,
that these little things that matter so much, this MADNESS, makes me just w
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 2 3
Soon You'll Return
The miles mean nothing
Soon you'll return.
I know so, but I'm rotting
Pleading for that feeling.
The one, only you …
It makes me a human being
My heart is aching
my body is numb, bruised
my soul is gone, missing.
But I’ll be back on my feet
Soon you'll return.
My  heart will again beat
For you...
Ah for you
I'll dance in the forest again
I'll smile again
I'll kiss your lips again
I'll be fine then
Because soon you'll return to me.
You will be mine.
As I will be yours.
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 2 2
Minha Doce Tortura
Engatinha até mim
Minha doce torutura,
Sem chegar ao nosso fim.
Termina-me na minha cova sem fundo.
Só e eterna.
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 1 1
To let go of this realm
To let go of this realm
To be forgotten by all
To be nothing but rotten
Who would miss?
Who would dare?
Who would face it?
They never cared
Breaking the chains
Taking a deep breath
Letting it all go.
A restfull place might await
Or a mere emptyness,
Forever in a caskett
With oneself to share
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 5 2
The future no longer exists
The future no longer exists
It’s over… Everything I build, everything I believed.
The future is no longer a question of how it’ll turn out to be but rather when it’s going to end.
The one human being that took away your heart is smashing, crushing, destroying all you believed to be true.
The future no longer exists. It’s no longer real. It won’t happen. Never
There’s no more tears, there’s no more regrets. I’ve done all I could. I’ve done my best. Even so, it wasn’t enough.
My mind is at a forced peace, my body is ready to leave.
The future no longer exists.
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 2 1
Untitled Wolf
The wolfs are running
The pack is on the move
The weak one once again
The one left behind
Not fast enough
Not strong enough
Not one of them
Not at least in its thoughts
"Try again"
"Try harder"

What if it stays behind?
What if it falls again?
What if it's not worthy?
What if it's soul already died?
Will they carry it to their destination?
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 0 2
Mature content
Mirror Mirror on the Wall :iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 0 0
To My Neverland
Take me to my Neverland
Where the paradise never end
Where I know I can be happy again.
No needles, no pain
No need to hide
No fear to die,
At least not before my time.
the ones I love the most are there
All of them living without a care
Pushing away all my despair.
I wanna go. To my Neverland…
Where for certain my peace won't end
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 1 7
Those Days
Remember those days?
When we all gather together.
Every week. Like a family.
Ten young adults.
Ten very different and unique people.
Where we didn't care about anything.
Where tomorrow didn't exist.
We lived the moment, no, we WERE the moment.
There was no limits. No boundaries.
We did it all.
We thought we were immortals.
Nothing could stop us.
But the best days dies fast, it all ended.
A big unbelievable chapter in our lives is now closed
Everything is nothing but memories of a relic past.
Remembering makes us laugh, makes us want THAT life again.
I wonder now, if our paths cross again,
How would it be like?
All I know is I really miss it.
And I want it back
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 0 1
Not Her
See her?
Go on, go get her.
Give her everything
Love, hope, happiness
And then…
Ah! Then you destroy her
Take everything from her
Kill her soul
Burn her flesh
Twist her bones
All of that, inside her mind
Make her feel like when she was nobody to the world
Make her choke in her own tears
Make her cry again for her death
But! Be wise, do it in the silent inside of you
Don't make her blame you. Make her blame herself
Make her the mistake.
After all, that's what you wanted all along
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 3 1
Want Them All by SinCrowTheVampire Want Them All :iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 1 15
Write me a comment and i will
1. Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your dA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what song you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you, and your answer has to be as vague as possible to keep the suspense.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Give you a weird nickname
8. Tell you what's on my shirt right now.
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal or in a deviation.
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To Cosplay and A.C
Where imagination, skill and creativity work together
Where I can be my favorite character and feel awesome about it
Where people are not afraid to show their true colors.
A place where I can see and meet people with similar interest
Where they treat you like a close friend,
Even though you just met, but hey
We're there for the same.
Where I could wear a crazy hat and no one looked at me sideways,
I could be in love with a fictional character and I wasn't weird
Where singing a Japanese song from an anime or game,
And someone recognized it and sang it along!
Where we put ourselves a quick skit or, nobody threw garbage,
Instead applauded and helped with our mistakes
Where we're asked to have photos with us or just us,
Just because they like our outfit or is a character they like.
And after all that work, sweat and blood, after being exhausted all day
We feel happy for being appreciated,
Counting the minutes until the next opportunity comes
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 3 3
Little Butterlfy
Little butterfly flying away
Carrying my feelings,
Please stay
I need the compassion
To forgive my enemies
I need the joy
To keep smiling
I need freedom
To keep living
I need bravery
To tell him all of this
I need love
So I can give it to him
So please little butterfly
Let's take this rode as one
So from happiness I can cry
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 5 0
Cured Scars
Give me your hand
We're going through this together
Between fire and bullets
We're getting out forever
The past is horrible, sad, lonely
I see now a future
Where you're with me
Cleaning all the blood I once lost
After fighting for no more cuts
The scars haunt me
They always have something to say
Those voices in my head
I wonder if it's here where I should stay
:iconsincrowthevampire:SinCrowTheVampire 1 0


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  • Listening to: Wintersun
  • Reading: Edgar Allen Poe
  • Watching: Fairy Tail
  • Playing: Assassins creed III
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Beer
Hello dear watchers, it has been over an year without any updates! So much has happened!
To sum it up:
- Months of heavy therapy worked. Both Psychology and Psyquiatry helped me. Yes I'm on meds, yes I still do bad stuff (only sometimes), but I'm way more controlled and at a very very good place right now.
- I'm back at school. Started this september a nursing degree, I'm loving it! I moved away from home and now I live alone.
- Me and my boyfriend still going strong (3 years! <3).
- Saw Obituary!

I'm very pleased with how my life is. I now have good friends, a perfect boyfriend, 2 cats and a good college life.
I haven't written. I can't anymore, so don't be surprised if not seeing anything anymore from me. A lot of the pain I had was taken away and now I can't seem to write anymore.

Wish you guys all the best!



Music & books mean everything to me, I'm just a person being stupid and writting anything that comes to my silly mind
You guys can find me on tumblr, myanimelist and facebook

Current Residence: Underworld!!
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Classic,
MP3 player of choice: Anything that plays music


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